Sunday, August 29, 2010

Black Lips and Pizza

Hey guys! I've been playing around with makeup a lot lately so I thought I'd show you some silly stuff. I generally don't wear dark colors on my lips and I probably wouldn't wear either or these looks out in public, I just felt like messing around :P

First I just did some dark berry lips. It isn't anything wild, but still much darker than anything I usually wear. I'm always afraid I'll get lipstick on my teeth!

Next I used black eyeliner and some gloss. I like the idea of black lips, I just can't pull them off. In my opinion they look best on very pale or very dark people, not those in between like myself. I also think it would look better with a creamy, slightly matte (but not chalky!) finish but I couldn't get the eyeliner to look that way. Hmm perhaps I'll do black lips for Halloween.

The other day I made pizza for my family and if I must say, it was delicious. It's just regular crust, sauce and cheese, but it's topped with caramelized onions and garlic. I love onions in pretty much all variations, but I get frustrated when pizza kitchens throw raw onions on a pizza. The texture takes on this odd not quite raw, but not cooked either feeling. In some things it might be good, like in a sauce, but not on top of pizza. I cooked the onions and garlic in olive oil with some salt until they were brown and tender, then set them on the pizza during it's last 5-10 minutes of baking. It isn't the prettiest pizza, but it was yummy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Long time, no post!

Hey guys! I'm sorry it's been so long since I last posted, I really thought I would have more free time this summer! I can't believe school is starting again, it seems like sumer just began. It's hard to get back into the swing of blogging again after being away for so long, but I'm going to try to post regularly again. I have so much to blog about, I just haven't taken the pictures yet :P

Anyways, today I have for you a pretty glitter polish. I haven't much been a fan of glitters until recently and now I just can't get enough! This is 3 coats of sinful colors Nail Junkie (great name, huh? :P ) over one coat of Wet 'n' Wild Caribbean Frost. I think it really looks like the bottle, which can sometimes be hard to do when working with glitters since they look opaque in the bottle but are actually suspended in transparent jelly.

So everyone, how has your summer been? What are your plans for the upcoming months?