Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love: Jeffrey Campbell

I've decided that every week I'm going to type of a post about brands/stores/items that I love.  I know many of us love to shop and I love getting inspiration from other people's style.  I think this will be a nice way to  display my taste in clothing, accessories, shoes, etc.

This week my focus is on Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  Lately this brand has really been increasing in popularity!  I love how eccentric some of the designs are and that the price point makes them attainable.  Most JC's range from about $100 to $200, which compared to Chloe and Christian Louboutin is pretty good.  Here are my current favorites:

Jeffrey Campbell K2

image from shopakira.com
I love these military inspired boots.  They are so cool and with a 4.5" heel they would make me quite a bit taller!  I would probably pair these with leggings and a slouchy, off the shoulder top.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita 

image from karmaloop.com
To me these are the "classic" Jeffrey Campbell shoe.  When someone mentions JC this image is what pops into my mind.  I love that these heels have a hidden platform.  I find that platforms make very high heels and wedges much more comfortable and easier to walk in.  I really like when Litas are paired with skinny jeans and a fitted blazer.  It just creates such a long, lean, flattering silhouette.  My favorite color is the black, just because it goes with everything, but there are so many pretty options to choose from.

Jeffrey Campbell Backbow

image from envishoes.com
These shoes are so cute and super funky.  This is my favorite color combo, although I don't think it's very practical.  There's just something about the deep red paired with tan that I love.  I would like it better without the animal print though.  This is something I'd pair with either leggings or dark wash skinny jeans to show off the details.  I'm not sure what I would wear for a top though :P

Jeffrey Campbell Tardy

image from solestruck.com
These are my absolute favorites of the moment.  I love this deep red color, but I also like the black ones as well.  These are super high as well, I think 5.75" including a 2" platform.  These would let me see into the tall cages and tanks at the pet store!  Between the red and the black I could pair these up with practically anything in my closet.  If they came out with a brown shade I think I'd be all set!

Other styles I like include the pixie, one o one, erikson f, and pixie cut.

Do you like these styles/brand?  What are your favorite shoes/styles this season?


  1. My favourites for this Summer are flip-flops, sandals and barefoot!!!