Wednesday, August 31, 2011

She Burns Like the Sun

Hey guys!  So you've heard me talk again and again about the sunburn I got last month, well here's a picture of what it looked like after the worst of the peeling was over.  I was still pink and so sore, but at this point I had gotten most of the dead skin off.  And this is probably the first time you've even seen me without a spot of makeup yeah, be nice!

But anyways, this is what I had to deal with for a while.  It hurt too much to wear makeup (and makeup just made me look crusty anyway!) so I just slathered on moisturizer a thousand times a day and kept an icepack near at all times.

Hopefully my bare muff hasn't horribly disturbed your day!


  1. Look at your chest!!! It's soooooo painfully red! :( get better soon and be more careful the next time! We must not get fooled by the sun, it may be quite dangerous!
    You are not so different without make up, but you do look a lot younger without it ;) You look great in my opinion... even if it's after a sunburnt :P

  2. It was SO painful! I wasn't even out in the pool for that long, the rays must have been extra strong that day, somehow my (pale as a ghost) boyfriend didn't get burnt and he didn't wear sunscreen either!

    And thanks! I usually feel like a gremlin without mascara or something on!