Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Product Rave and skincare routine

I don't know about you guys, but when I get breakouts (which is fairly rare, but when I do they are BAD!) I find it very hard to get the spots to go away in a timely fashion. The last time I had a major breakout (about two months ago) the blemishes were still there after three weeks. Three weeks! It was horrendous and I felt so self conscious. None of my usual "quick fixes" were working.

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So while I was at Ulta I picked up the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel. I usually don't have much confidence when it comes to spot eliminators that sound like miracle products since my homemade remedies seem to suit my skin much better. I have to say though, this stuff is AMAZING. I showered in the evening and put this on my face before bed. In the morning I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. I still had many spots, but they were much smaller and the tiniest ones were completely gone. At about the three day mark my skin was back to being clear.
Now I put this on any areas where I notice a blemish is about to surface...and it makes it go away! I love this stuff and it really worked for me. Hopefully one of you will have good luck with this product.

Since we're on the topic of skin I think I'll tell you about my current skincare routine. For those of you that have followed for a while you might already know my skin type and love of homemade face products because I used to talk about it all the time, but for all the newbies I'll recap. I think skincare is the most important part of any beauty routine. If your skin looks beautiful then you'll look gorgeous no matter what makeup you have on. My skin gets very dry in the winter months and this year it is worse than ever! My usual scrub of olive oil, sugar and honey is not enough anymore!

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First I start out in the shower by cleansing my face with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. I use a little silicone cleansing pad from Sephora to make sure all the nasties are out of my pores. Then I use my homemade scrub of olive oil, honey, and sugar to do some more exfoliating and deep moisturizing. By the way I do not use a makeup remover, olive oil is quite good at removing waterproof mascara. When I get out of the shower I put on spot remover if I need to and let it set. Then I slather my neck and face with Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. Then I take a rather large portion of Nivea cream (in the blue tin) and put it all over my face, but not my neck. This product is kind of...oily? and I don't like having a dewey neck. My skin sucks this stuff up like a sponge! It is the only moisturizer I have found that really hydrates my skin and doesn't give my dry patches in the morning. In the morning I usually put more Nivea cream on to get a nice base for my foundation.

Well...that was a rather long-winded post, sorry :P I hope it helps someone out!

I also have a new foundation routine coming up, as I've found products that let my dry skin achieve that perfect dewey look. I will take pictures on a day where I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn :]

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