Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Elf Haul/Review

Well, I can't resist low prices so I ordered more stuff from Elf. I wasn't as impressed with some of the products I ordered this time around though. Here's what I got:

Elf Daily Brush Cleaner: I really like the idea of this product, but it just didn't work. I tried spraying it directly on my brushes and spraying it on a towel and then rubbing it on my brushes but it just didn't clean them very well. The scent is quite strong as well, but I don't find it entirely unpleasant.

Eyelash and Brow Wand: I just needed a spooli and got this one since it's only a dollar. It works the way any spooli does, nothing to rant or rave about really.

Natural Lash Kit: I haven't gotten a chance to try these yet, but I thin they're quite cute.

Eyebrow Stencil Kit: I'm in the process of trying to reshape my eyebrows and I bought these to help me keep them even on both sides. My eyebrows are a bit sparse to use it as a plucking guide at the moment; so I've been using it as it was intended to be used, as a stencil to fill in the brows. I rather like these and it comes with four different shapes.

Elf Eyeliner Pens in Plum and Black: I love love love the idea of this. It is so convenient. The plum shade has lived up to all my expectations and I use it more days than not. However the black shade is seriously lacking, it faded within a few hours! I had only a slight grey tint where my eyeliner had once been.

Duo Eye Shadow Cream in Black Licorice: I haven't really worn this throughout the day et, but I have played around with it a bit. I like the shades in this a I think it will make a great base for a smokey eye.

Liquid Eyeliner in Stardust and Black: I ran out of my Mark liquid liner and was hoping that these would be nice replacements. Stardust does what it is supposed to do and the glitter is very pretty. The black is horrid though. The applicator is not pointed, it's all frayed and yucky! I'm not a huge fan of the sponge tip applicators in the first place, but since the one on Stardust was pretty good I expected the same from Black. Pretty disappointed in that one :P

Tinted Moisturizer in Light Beige and Honey: At first I didn't really like these. I thought Honey would be a perfect shade for me because the studio concealer in the same shade was a great match, however this tinted moisturizer is much darker than I expected. After I first tried these I didn't think I would be using them much. Then I had a horrible breakout (seriously I have never in my life had that many spots at once) and started using Light Beige on my face. It worked really well! I got good coverage without feeling like I was wearing a ton of makeup. I'm hoping Honey will work well if/when I get a tan.

Plumping Lip Glaze in Champagne, Fuchsia Fanatic and Fire Coral: I rather like all of these. There isn't anything super special about them, but I like the scent and they don't feel sticky. There are so many colors to choose from too!

Overall I like these products, but will not be buying any of the ELF eyeliners as they seem to be low quality. Except for the plum one that is, I'll be buying that again for sure.

Hope everyone is having a fun summer!


  1. I find the cleanser works better by squeezing it a few times on a cotton pad and brushing back and forth with my brush. I find it takes out most of the mineral eyeshadow pigments left on the brush. Try this way maybe it will work better x

  2. Its very interesting that everything on their website was $1. How was shipping? Is that where they get you?

    I'm also a new follower! My name is Lynn!

  3. Great post! I need to order some elf goodies !

    Nicola xo

  4. MartianDelights: Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to try that next time.

    myclumsyheart: Hi Lynn! The shipping was like 6.95 or 7.95 I can't remember. It's not too bad, but I still think it could be cheaper since it just comes in a padded mailer.

    Nicola-x: Thanks! You should, they're a great value! I have another elf post from a few weeks ago if you want to read about more products.