Monday, June 7, 2010

Tiny MAC Haul

I was at the mall a couple of days ago and stopped by the MAC counter in Macy's. I only picked up two things, but they're two things I really like!

I got an eyeshadow in a shade called Trax. It's a purply-plummy color with gold shimmer. To me it's like an eyeshadow version of OPI Maine-iac Mauve. I wish I hadn't swapped that! Anyways, in my opinion it's a very wearable shade.

I also got the Lazy Day lipstick from the new To The Beach collection. I finally found a lipstick I really like! The color and formula are great. And the packaging is cute :] Anyone else lemming things from this collection?

By the way, I'm sorry I haven't done a nail post in ages! Right now I'm working with nubbins! I was stressed out a bit and bit them off. Then right when they started to get presentable again we had several tornadoes in the area and I was so worried I bit them again! (Luckily everyone I know is safe and my house sustained no damage, but not everyone in the area was so fortunate. I'll probably put photos up of the damage soon.) Anywho, when they grow out again I have some fun polishes to show you guys!

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  1. I love that lippy! Cool packaging as well.

  2. Mhmm! It's such a pretty color! I can't wait for the new line in September! The theme is supposed to be disney villains!