Friday, June 18, 2010

New Haircut!

About two weeks ago (i think?) I went to get my hair cut. I chopped off about 6 inches and shortened my layers and bangs. I like it and it's very easy to work with :]

What do y'all think? Do you prefer having long hair or short hair? What kind of hair maintenance do you do?

P.S: Sorry to the Vapur winner! I haven't sent out your package yet :[ but I will get to you soon!


  1. love ur new hair cut!! check out my site for im having a simple thank u giveaway for my followers..


  2. i prefer long hair for my self. but ur new cuthair looks soo fresh on u. and i love ur bang xx

  3. I haven't had short hair since high school. I usually chop off about 6" every few months. My hair grows so quickly so Eric doesn't worry as much any more. He would freak out every time I had it cut because even though my hair would be past my shoulder-blades, it was still too short for him.

    I have to say long hair on me. Oh yeah! If my hair is short than where my shoulder-blades are then I start to get pouffy hair. I have a buttload of hair on my head.

  4. Thriszha- Thanks, hun! I just entered :]

    ipehishere- Thanks! I prefer long hair on me as well, my hair is so think it looks odd if it's too short.

    Polish&Konad- Aww thankie :]

    Laura- Me too, I don't think I've had it short since freshman year of high school! Sounds like we have very similar hair! Even though I chopped off six inches it's still comes to the middle of my back. I think the picture I used might make it seem shorter than it is :P

  5. I love your cut. I have long hair and wouldn't have it any other way. Its layered and I have bangs. Sometimes I go shorter and sometimes I let it grow out down my back. I consider anything past the shoulders as long so I always wear mine long.