Thursday, April 7, 2011

Help me pick out a watch!

Hi, everyone!  I've been shopping around for watches lately and I've got it narrowed down to four options. It's just so hard to choose one!  Hopefully you can help me decide!

Well, here they are:

SKAGEN Rose Gold Links with Glitz 
Image from Skagen website
This watch is rose gold stainless steel with crystals and a mother of pearl dial.  I really think this one is pretty and rose gold is on trend right now.  It was also very comfortable when I tried it on.  

SKAGEN Silver Links Multifunction

Image from Skagen website
This watch is sterling silver and multifunctional with a few crystals the mother of pearl dial.  I really like the simplicity of this watch and the multifunction capability.

SKAGEN Charcoal Links Multifunction

Image from Skagen website
This is just a darker version of the previous watch.  I think it's really interesting and I haven't seen many things like it.  The blue mother of pearl is so gorgeous.

MICHAEL KORS Two-tone Chronograph Watch

Image from Nordstrom website
I really love this watch.  It's the one I'm leaning most towards as of right now.  It's a very timeless style.  The gold and silver stainless steel would go with any clothing or other jewelry I would want to wear.  The crystals as time markers add a bit of glitz without it being too much and I love the mother of pearl dial.  

HELP!  Haha!  I'm having such a hard time deciding what to get.  Which do you like best?

Thanks for your help<3


  1. I love the rose Skagen and the last Michael Kors. They are all lovely though :)

  2. I new I prefer SKAGEN Silver Links Multifunction as soon as I saw it! ;) This is going to be difficult to you, I say!

  3. take a look at the accessories you wear, and not just jewelry also belts, handbags, shoes, etc... and if you have an equal amount of gold and silver id go with mk bc it's the only watch you can wear with ANYTHING.