Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Short Bangs

Hey guys!  This post is just to further show you how short I cut my bangs.  These pictures are from February (I have a lot of catch-up posting to do) so when you see my present day bangs in later posts they will look slightly different.

Currently I have pretty short bangs.  I think of them as pixie bangs because they are kind of like the bangs you see when people get super short pixie haircuts, except the rest of my hair is still long.  They are basically still side-swept bangs, just a much shorter version than you usually see.

Many people assume that this type of fringe is hard to manage and high maintenance.  For me this is just not the case, I hardly have to do anything to them.  When I had longer side swept bangs they would never fall the way I wanted them too and didn't draw attention to my eyes so I would spent loads of time ring to fix them.

With my current bangs I just clip them down after I get out of the shower (so they don't stick straight up) and let them air-dry.  They have the shape I want and I don't have hair falling in my face and getting out of place all the time.

I know it's not for everyone, but I'm quite happy with my fringe for the first time!

If anyone else has had some failure/success stories with their hair recently, please share!

Tah-tah for now!  :]


  1. Sweet face and sweet fringe. I think it's great! I don't think I can have a fringe 'cause my hair has those natural waves and things that just don't allow me to have one (at least that's what hairdressers tell me -_- although I remember having it when I was little.... but then again when I was little my hair was straight :(

  2. Aww, why thank you! :]

    And my hair is naturally wavy too, it's just straightened in these pictures, I'll have to make a post on how I style it when I leave my natural texture intact. I also have a small forehead and most hairdressers have always tried to steer me clear of any sort of fringe because it they said it would make it look smaller, but the bangs I have now actually make it look a bit bigger, it think.

    If you want bangs, I would just go for it. Hair grows out, after all :]


  3. It's something to think about very deeply XD Althought your forehead is small, and despite what the hairdressers say, it looks great on you ;) but yes, do show your hair when it is not straightened :)

  4. i got the same fringe yesterday! and i have really long hair too. I just google picd pixie fringe w long hair and ur pic came up. It looks really good btw :)