Thursday, May 26, 2011

FOTD from New Years

Hey guys!  I'm still trying to get caught up with pictures, so this one is all the way from New Years.  I remember I modeled this after a Michelle Phan tutorial.  I like how it came out, much more complicated than my normal makeup.    I know I used my Coastal Scents palettes for the eyes and MAC jest for the highlight, but that's all I can remember.

The camera didn't pick up the glitter on the inner corners of my eyes :[ 
This picture captures the vibrancy of the colors a little better.
Since I last made a post a lot has happened!  I took my final exams, found out about scholarships, started Spring cleaning, signed up for next Fall's classes, turned 20, etc.
First off, I didn't get the art scholarship that I was hoping for.  At first I was really disappointed but I talked to the other people in my class and the only one who got anything was a senior.  So now I feel much better about it.  I did get a $1500 general scholarship through the university though.  It isn't as much as I first had, but I'm still working on bringing my cumulative GPA back up.  Actually this semester I got a 4.0!  I am SO excited about that and very proud of myself.  I never even got a 4.0 in high school!  Here's a screenshot to prove it!  ^.^

I'm really excited for next semester!  I've been staying pretty busy lately, I've set a lot of goals for this Summer.  Hopefully I will be motivated to post more regularly though.  How have you guys been lately?


  1. That blurple-y crease shade looks awesome with your eye colour.

    Congrats on the scholarship and grades! :)

  2. I loved the make up!!!!
    And congratulations!! Those are awesome marks!!! :D

  3. That's a bummer about the art scholarship but at least you know it wasn't personal :) Congratulations on your grades! That's awesome.

    I thought you should know I'm addicted to feeding the fish on the side of your site. I have no idea why.

  4. The makeup looks very nice, as does your hair. You look very pretty. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting :-)