Thursday, June 23, 2011

ABC's of Me tag and FOTD

Hey everyone!  It's been a hectic past few weeks for me!  I got new furniture and I've been trying to organize my bedroom and my art/makeup room.  There are still a few pieces of furniture I would like to replace but I haven't found anything suitable yet.  My sleep schedule has been horrible lately too.  I've been staying up till 6am and waking around 2pm O.O  I made myself get up early today though to get back on track and be even more productive.  So tonight I'm going to do a simple post, just an FOTD and a survey I saw on a few other blogs. o

This is a makeup look I did this Winter.  I think this was taken in February or March.  I used some MAC shadows on the lid, Ulta blush in Fame and MAC Quiet, Please lipstick.  It's very simple, I wore this look quite often during that time period.  

A. Age: 20
B. Bed size: Queen, I love it.  I sleep either all stretched out or curled in a ball so it's convenient :]  
C. Chore you hate: washing dishes, for sure!  
D. Day: hmm at the moment any day is good for me.  No school or work gives me the flexibility to do what I want on most days.  Lately I've been organizing like crazy. 
E. Essential start to your day: brushing my teeth and putting on moisturizer. 
F. Favourite colour: lavender, turquoise, and yellow
G. Gold or Silver: either.  My skintone in pretty neutral so I can wear both.  Lately I have been reaching for gold though. 
I. Instruments: I have a keyboard and an acoustic guitar, but I can't play either of them.  One of my goals for this summer is to learn. 
J. Job title: student 
K. Kids: I don't have any and I'm not sure if I want them in the future.  Maybe.  
L. Live: Toledo, Ohio.  It can be oh so boring here though :[ 
M. Mum’s name: Carol  
N. Nicknames: Meg, Weeble, Weebs, M&M, sweetheart, sugarbritches, various sweets and pastry pet names that my boyfriend calls me.  
O. Overnight hospital stays: Infected chicken pox in my mouth when I was very small and getting my adenoids taken out.  
P. Pet peeve: the term "pet peeve" and narrow minded people. 
Q. Quote from a movie: haha anything from Scary Movie 3.  I'm always spitting out lines from that movie.  Hilarious. 
R. Right or left handed: right 
S. Siblings: Carlos and Tanya, both older than me. 
T. Time you wake up: usually around noon, unless I have school. 
U. Underwear: anything comfy and cute. 
V. Vegetables you dislike: Hmm this is a hard one, I like most vegetables.  I disliked eggplant the one time I cooked it, but perhaps it was my fault.  
W. What makes you run late: picking out what to wear and putting on my makeup
X. X-Rays you’ve had: lots, most of them when I was rather young so I don't remember specifics. 
Y. Yummy food you make: Palak daal, vegetarian shepherd's pie, roasted cauliflower...I like to cook. 
Z. Zoo: The Toledo Zoo.  It's pretty nice, you should go if you have the opportunity to. 

Let me know if you decide to do the tag, I'd love to read it :] 


  1. Nice makeup.
    Good luck with learning the guitar and keyboard, I love both those instruments and can even manage to strum a few chords on a guitar after a few months of learning.

  2. I love your cheek and lip combo here, very pretty and glowy. :) I think I still have an acoustic guitar in a wardrobe somewhere, I tried to take lessons but they were soo painfully slow.

  3. Great shot. The second one is especially pretty. :-) and your answers were interesting. :-)

  4. Thanks, you guys. I'm actually making a bit of progress on the keyboard!