Monday, May 17, 2010

E.L.F. Haul and review

I recently bought quite a few products from ELF cosmetics. Who can resist products for only $1? Anyways, here's what I bought:

-Blending Eye Brush
-Duo Eye Shadow Cream in Butter Pecan
-Eyelid Primer
-Concealer in Honey (Studio line in the black tube)
-All Over Cover Stick in Honey (light)
-All Over Color Sticks in:
Pink Lemonade
-Eye Widener
-Plumping Lip Glaze in:
Plum Pout
Peach Passion
-Shine Eraser

Now for my reviews!

Blending brush: pretty good, not amazing quality (hairs come out now and then) but I wasn't expecting anything special for $1 anyway.

Cream eyeshadow duo: I like this more than I thought I would. The colors aren't super pigmented, but they do build pretty well and are great for intensifying powder eyeshadows.

Eyelid primer: It is amazing! Even the cream shadows didn't budge when I put this on. I will definitely be repurchasing this stuff!

Concealer (studio): Another thing I love! I've never worn concealer or foundation before, but I have major under-eye circles and a creepy vein (also under my eye) that I have been longing to cover up. I have a really hard time finding things that blend with my skintone which is why I never bother buying concealer. However, for $3 I thought I would give it a try. I'm glad I did, this is the perfect shade for my skin and it blends super easily. I'm gonna buy backups.

All Over Cover Stick: I bought this to use as under-eye concealer as well. The color is nice, but it doesn't blend as easily as the studio version. I probably won't repurchase this.

All Over Color Sticks: I've been using Pink Lemonade as a cream blush and Toasted & Spotlight under my eyeshadows. The colors are not very pigmented and they don't blend very easily, but they do make for nice bases. They have a citrusy scent that I find quite pleasant. Although I do like these and will continue using them, but I don't really think I'll buy them again.

Eye Widener: Essentially this is just white eyeliner, as you probably guessed. Although I love using white eyeliner in general, I do not like this one very much. It isn't very pigmented and it's...hard! It's difficult to actually get it on, the product just doesn't want to rub off onto your eyes. I won't be buying this again. Almay used to make a twistable Bright Eyes black/white eyeliner duo in which the white was amazing, but alas they don't have it anymore. My search continues...any recommendations?

Plumping Lip Glaze: Let me start off by saying I did not buy these for their plumping qualities, just for the colors. It's a good thing too...because there is no plumping to speak of when I use these! The colors are quite nice though and they aren't sticky like many other glosses. I'll probably try more of these out next time I make an order.

Shine Eraser: These are just oil blotting sheets, a great value at 50 sheets for only $1 and they actually work. I keep these in my purse for extra hot and sweaty days. I'll be repurchasing these.

Overall I'd say the ELF products are a great buy. Despite super cheap packaging the products inside are a good quality. And...well, how can you beat $1?

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  1. Ooo, I love e.l.f.! I told a lady in Wal*Mart about it when she couldn't find what she was looking for in the beauty section, lol!

    Did your plumping glaze smell kind of like pine needles? I got one in Ruby Slipper, (I think that's the name), and while I love the color, it smells weird.

    I haven't tried much from the studio line yet, but the concealer sounds really nice.

    I love my Butter Pecan cream shadow! It works pretty well with my blue eyes. I got it in Mocha, (I think that's the name, it's brown and white) too.... the white side is FULL of glitter and has very little pigment. I'm not going to buy that one again, but Butter Pecan is a keeper, imo.

  2. Rebecca- I love ELF too! I wish the grocery stores around here carried it like they used to! I heard Target was supposed to start getting it, but I haven't seen it :[

    Yes, my plumping glaze did kind of smell like that! I described it to a friend as smelling like a mix between medicated lip balm, facial astringent, and Vicks Vapo Rub! Haha.

    If you need concealer, definitely go with the studio line over the regular line. It's better!

    I too was uber impressed with the cream shadow! I'm going to order another one in Black Licorice, hopefully it's nice as well!

  3. damm true.. how can we beat for 1$ !! lol
    great post! love how u review them all ;)

  4. ipehishere- I know it's such a great deal! And thanks, I figured I might as review them all instead of picking just a few things cause perhaps everyone already tried certain things. :]

    Lily- Thanks! Do you have ELF products in France?

  5. I picked up a few of the brushes. I think these are great for learners like me.

  6. Good to see the eye primer performed so well, I want to try it but they dont sell ELF in Australia anymore! :|

    As far as white eyeliner goes, I really like the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk for the waterline. It's a bit awkward putting it on the waterline straight from the crayon since its so fat, but I love the result.

  7. Enamel Girl- I agree, they're so affordable and perfect for experimenting.

    SilhouetteScreams- I've never used a NYX products before. Perhaps this is the push I need to buy some!