Sunday, May 9, 2010

Color Club Wild at Heart

I ordered my first color club polishes recently and I am very pleased with them! This is Wild at Heart, which I know you have probably seen before, but come on it's amazing! This is two coats with topcoat. I really love this polish, but it does chip very quickly-this was taken on the first day and you can already see a chip on my ring finger. I bet it would last longer with a thick layer of a heavy-duty topcoat though!

These are both in natural sunlight.

This is with the flash.

Alrighty, this isn't nail related, but look at how absolutely pale I've gotten! I didn't think it was possible (native american genes and all) and I'm not sure if I like it or not. Hmm. Also this picture shows how much that scrub I showed you before has gotten rid of the redness on my cheeks (i don't wear concealer or foundation).

And yeah...that's my usual makeup :[ It's pretty boring lately, just black eyeliner, white highlighter, mascara and a smidge of blusher. I'm going to start mixing things up and do reviews for you guys though! :]


  1. love this purple holo...its really nice on ur cutie nails..xoxo

  2. Your nails are gorgeous and there is nothing wrong with pale skin. It is healthy and unsun touched and you will be thankful when you are my age. I know gals my aged that tanned a lot and they are a wrinkled mess.

  3. I never get sick of looking at Wild At Heart :)

    I got really pale too last winter (despite being part Samoan) and now I want it back D:

  4. Thriszha- Thank you! I love this color.

    Susie- I agree, but I usually never have to worry about tanning-it just happens since my skin is naturally very pigmented. And yes, I feel bad for all the people baking in tanning beds! It's so much worse for you than the natural sun.

    Silhouette- Me neither! It's just such a fun color!

  5. Great polish, I love CC holos :)

    And you're cute !

  6. PerryPie- Aww thank you! That scrub has completely changed my skin!

    Ayuu- I think the three CCs I've ordered have already gotten me hooked! And thanks :]

    Lily- I love this color, if you don't already have it you should definitely get it if you can!

  7. i seeing purple everywhere these past few days and Wild at Heart IS gorgeous!! :D