Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Miracle Ingredient!

I've been making my own facial scrubs for a while now, but until a few days ago I'd never found anything that would give me the moisture I need. I've heard of putting extra virgin olive oil in facial scrubs, but I was alway too afraid to try it! I was terrified that it would clog my pores and give me an awful breakout. I was so wrong! The particles in olive oil are far too large to clog pores. I decided to finally give this a try because my skin gets so dry in the winter, especially around my mouth and nothing I had tried before would get rid of it. I would apply all sorts of moisturizers and scrubs, but my skin would be dry again within 5 minutes.

I've used this scrub only a few times and I can already see a dramatic difference in my skin. When I wash my face with this at night I don't have to apply any moisturizer at all. My skin is still super hydrated in the morning. I may never use store-bought moisturizer again! This scrub did one thing that I hadn't even thought to hope for, it completely evened out my skin tone! I have perpetually red cheeks--well, had! Ah I'm so happy that I tried this. Anyways the recipe is easy. Just three parts extra virgin olive oil to two parts honey plus enough sugar to make it into a paste. I'm telling you, try this! I'll show before and after pics soon.

On to the nails. I tried to do a ruffian the other day, but I didn't like it all all. Luckily I took pictures of just the base color, so I have something to show you. It's Sally Hansen Celeb City all by itself.

I picked up a bunch of new stuff today (amazing deals at Rite-Aid and Meijer) and also made an order to transdesign. Hopefully I'll have time to swatch some stuff soon! I've also decided that my giveaway will be in celebration of my birthday! April 24th, keep an eye open for it!

P.S. - sorry for the text-heavy post :P


  1. Is it something that you can make a batch of and like use for a couple weeks?

  2. Oh, I am sooo bookmarking this for future scrub needs.

  3. Yep, you can definitely make a full batch. Honey, olive oil, and sugar take a very long time to spoil (actually honey is the one food that never will!) but it might start to get hard or separate after a month or so. And don't put it in the fridge! I've been keeping mine in a tiny plastic container right next to the bathtub.

  4. What did you pay for shipping at TD? I just wondered.....


  5. I paid a little over nine dollars. :P

    Boo I hate paying for shipping, even if it's only nine dollars

  6. I was considering making like a couple weeks worth. So I'm glad it should be ok. Thanks dear!

  7. hey i saw this and was like I NEED A NEW MOISTURIZER. i dont have bad skin, just a few breakouts every once in awhile. but my nose and forehead are super super dry, i get little skin flakies if i didnt use my moisturizer. and i have the clean and clear ones and i got the morning burst one, but that just dries my face out even more! and it makes me all glittery haha. so i just made this but i think i used too much olive oil. so ill try this out tonight! and im a new follower :D
    and heres my blog!

  8. Polished Fierce- I think we probably have very similar skin, your description fits mine so well! Don't worry about too much olive oil-I usually dab some extra on after I'm done with the initial scrub.

  9. how long do you think this scrub lasts? months..forever?

    do you store in the fridge? or just on your table?

    i have super oily/ red face problem and this scrub seems awesome

  10. I make very small batches at a time (about a fourth of a cup) and that lasts me for about 2-3 weeks using it every night. A little goes a long way with this one!

    I store it right in my shower! You definitely don't want to put it in the fridge, it will harden and be unmanageable. Pretty much anywhere else is fine.

    If your skin is naturally really oily then I would use this at night so it has time to sink in while you sleep and the oil won't just be on the surface of your face the whole day, making it look oilier.

    If you try this and it just makes your skin look more oily then actually what I would suggest would be a scrub with sugar, honey, and green tea. That's what I used to use before my skin got very dry. The green tea should help get rid of your redness without adding to the oiliness.