Saturday, March 20, 2010

YDNJ with topcoat!

When I first put on You Don't Know Jacques! I knew I wanted to try it with some topcoat. As I was looking through my polishes I came across my Orly Prisma Gloss Gold and a light bulb switched on! (figuratively, of course :] ), I mean why not see it with some holo sparkles? Mmm! I love love love this. I got so many compliments at work.

I've been so busy though! I started working again ( I took Spring Break off) and I'm just whooped already! I hardly have any time to look and comment on other blogs, let alone make frequent posts on my own! Oh well...I need to start saving up money since I have at least two trips to Canada planned and possibly trips other places as well... I'm going to make a budget. Boo. I guess that means I'll be buying fewer polishes...but i guess that's okay since my untried pile is pretty substantial.

How is everyone? :]


  1. I know! I'm so excited. Just up to Ontario though. My friends have never seen Niagara Falls or Toronto, so I'm gonna be their tour guide :] Hopefully we'll stop in Hamilton too.

    I was hoping to make it up to Quebec, but it's just too far of a drive. Maybe next year.

  2. Love the polish combo! Budgets suck!

  3. this is totally cool.. i love YDKJ so much..