Thursday, March 4, 2010

Last W&W

Okay so this is the last W'n'W polish for a while! It's a pretty blue color called Bijou Blue. The application on this was easy peasy! It was pretty opaque after two coats, but you can still see some VNL.

A few days ago I made this yummy dish for dinner. It's called Rainbow Stir-fry and of course I got the recipe from the Fat Free Vegan. It was seriously delectable and not-so-surprisingly healthy. I think it's quite pretty as well :] Next time I think I'll replace the celery with something else, perhaps pea pods and water chestnuts.

I realized today why I hardly ever wear lip gloss! All the ones I've tried are so sticky feeling and when there's wind you hair gets in your gloss! Blarg, I'm bored with my usual chapsticks :[ Does anyone know of a pretty lip gloss that is long lasting AND not sticky?


  1. This is totally not lip gloss, but it's what I use when I need hydration.

  2. My new favorites are Zoya brand (on their website) and NYX sheer gloss - this one comes with a brush attached to the end. I have the same problem. I also play French Horn, and over the years have just gotten out of the habit of wearing anything on my lips at all!


  3. PerryPie- I've tried that before! I do like the chapsticks that I'm using now though, i just need something pretty and glossy that doesn't feel icky on my lips.

    Tiffani- I didn't know zoya was selling gloss! And yeah, I've gotten into the habit of just wearing boring chapsticks instead of pretty stuff. I'll have to try those zoya ones though!

  4. I really like MAC lustreglasses :) They aren't sticky at all and most of the colors are really wearable.

  5. Ooo, Thanks Audrey! I'll have to go to the mall soon and look!