Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wild Card

Alright, I know i've pretty much been posting W&W polishes but they were on sale for less than a dollar so I had to stock up! I can't resist a good deal! Anyways, here's another for you. It's called Wild Card and it's a rather pretty purple shade (c'mon, who doesn't love purple nails?) but once again I'm not a huge fan of the formula. It isn't super pigmented and it had a sort of goopy texture. I think I'll add some thinner to it and see if it helps because I really do enjoy the color of this one!

And this is what I've been working on. It really didn't turn out how I wanted it to and I'm pretty disappointed :[ Maybe putting it up here will serve as motivation to put more time into things.

Hmm I have a question for you guys! Has anyone tried Orly Bonder? I read about it on Nouveau Cheap (love that blog) and I'm interested in trying it. Does it make your nail polish stay tacky?


  1. I think that drawing looks amazing. It is a drawing right?

  2. Yeah, It's a drawing. I just can't get it the way I'd hoped for.

  3. Yay purple nails! Your drawing looks awesome IMO :D
    I haven't tried Orly Bonder but I read some reviews saying that it peels off your nail polish in chunks but it works for other people, but I really don't know, everyone is different. I use OPI Ridge Filler and I like it :]
    I don't think I helped at all! o_O