Saturday, February 27, 2010

Burgundy Frost

So the other day I wore W&W Burgundy Frost. It's a pretty color, but I wasn't crazy about the formula on this one. I'll have to give it another shot before I decide whether or not to get rid of it.

Here it is the next day after I stamped on it. I used konad IP 64.

And here is the wondrous burrito I had for lunch a few days ago! Mmm

Again, I'd like to ask you for any suggestions for my upcoming give-away! What polishes/products/shades? :]


  1. For me personally, I would love some Nubar just because it's hard for me to get it. But I have no suggestions. What kind of giveaway did you want to do? The salon brands? Drugstore? Fun colours? All purple? Any idea of a theme? My theme started as purple and green and branched into hard to find polishes.

  2. Hmm i hadn't thought of a theme. I plan on it being mostly salon brands, but also including drugstore ones that I think are nice! Where can you order nubar online?

  3. I know they give you free shipping at $75, but I don't know how much it is to ship otherwise. You don't HAVE to have a theme, but it makes it easier for you to choose what to get. It gives you a limit and a focus.

  4. Hmm good idea. I'll have to think on it!

  5. agreed. Nubar polishes are wonderful.....maybe you could do a glitter theme or maybe a certain shade....mine is a little random, but I did a top to bottom (Zoya+ remover, base, color, top coat....Konad plates.)

    Hope that helps....yummy burrito.