Sunday, February 14, 2010

W&W Morbid and Cherry Brownie Ice Cream!

On yet another drugstore run I picked up a bunch of W'n'W polishes that were 50% off. I couldn't resist a deal like that! When I got home I put on a shade called morbid. It's an almost black color with a green shimmer that refuses to show up on camera! I think it's cute though! The formula was really easy to work with, but the brush is much too short. I'm thinking about transferring it to a new polish bottle.

While at Meijer I also picked up the most delicious ice cream. It was called Cherry Brownie. Absolutely divine!

Most excitingly my konad package arrived! I can't wait to try out my new IPs and stamper! I also picked up a corrector pen so I can clean up mistakes more easily! What's are your favorite IPs?

Hope everyone has been having a great weekend!


  1. Yeah, the Craze polishes are notorious for having short stems. Huuuge, pains in the bum to work with. Btw, that ice cream looks devine.

  2. i love all the konad plates lol !! :)