Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You Don't Know Jacques! Suede

This is the first polish I've worn in a few days. I took a break while I was sick since the fumes of polish and remover were hurting my throat :P I really like these suede shades. They dry super fast and just have this luscious look to them. Oh and they're opaque in one coat!

We actually had a great sunny day today so the pictures turned out nicer than usual. I took advantage of the lovely weather and went outside to draw. I didn't get a lot done though! I was too busy soaking up the rays. My boyfriend and I went on a walk in a local nature park too. We saw the cutest dogs! They were miniature pomeranians and they just looked like tiny poof balls! I wish I would have had my camera with me! Ooo I also got some stuff from a swap the other day, I'll have to post that later though because I haven't taken pictures yet!

So how has everyone been the past few days? Hope you all had great weather and lots of fun!


  1. I absolutely love this polish. And totally give it a try with top coat too!

  2. Me too! And yeah, I'm planning on putting some top coat on it tomorrow, I'm excited to see it all shiny!

  3. I love this color! I want this one so bad!