Friday, March 26, 2010

A nice surprise

Oh man! I feel like I haven't had a real post in ages! This still isn't even a manicure or swatch post! I've been bogged down with school, work, and a cold that just won't go away! Yeah, yeah, I'm whining :P but hopefully this weekend//next week I'll have time to get some swatches done.

On a much better topic, a few days ago I received a package from the lovely Laura from Sawan. That girl is so sweet! Out of the blue she generously offered to send me a set of the Claire's mood polishes. Talk about a random act of kindness! She also included an adorable reusable bag, a very sweet card to me and a super cool Bloom card for me to give to someone special :]

I recently made a light box. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to take nice pictures with it! I'm going to buy a lamp with higher wattage and see if that helps out. So in the meantime forgive me for the quality of this picture, it does not do these lovely gifts justice.

I did find time to cook a quick meal the other day. Unfortunately it was a flop. I had such high hopes for this simple recipe, but it just didn't taste very good in my opinion. The texture and warmth of the lettuce was nice, but the dressing needs some improvement. I think I might try it with this honey-dijion-lemon dressing that I make. That dressing makes anything taste yummy :]


  1. Wow! How sweet! I'll look forward to your swatches! I have the earthy/happy one. But have not tried it yet.

  2. She is seriously just so nice! I wore calm/wild today and it's so cute! I was planning on taking pictures but I messed up my nails while finishing an ink and conte study for class :[ Now my nails are nakie and ink stained!