Saturday, March 6, 2010

Show Me the Way

The other day I stopped by Walgreens hoping to find SinfulColors Green Ocean (no such luck :[ ) but I picked up a pretty color called Show Me The Way. It's a shimmery, mossy green that I think is quite pretty :] I'm still not a huge fan of how the Sinful polishes apply though.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to convince my boyfriend to go to the mall. I'd like to stop by Ulta to pick up a few things and perhaps see a movie while we're out that way. Oh, speaking of movies I watched 2012 today! It was pretty good, but seeing as how I'm a complete emotional sap I cried during the whole thing. It was so sad and I just kept hoping that the absolutely adorable dog wouldn't die! Gosh, I'm a sucker for cute animals with flat little faces :]


  1. Hiya, I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Best Blog award. Here's the link if you're interested:

  2. Aww really? You are such a sweetheart!