Monday, May 31, 2010 Green Manga Contact Lenses review

The people over at were kind enough to send me six pairs of lenses to review. Over the next 6-8 weeks I'll be putting these up. This post is about the Green Manga contact lenses. If you don't already know I love watching anime and as an artist I really appreciate the creativity that goes into making it. Plus it's just so gosh darn cute, throw huge eyes on anything and I'm hooked! I'm a total wasian...I know, I know. (Hmm did I make up that term or do other people actually use that?) Anyway, the gist is that these are totally up my alley.

Pretty much these contacts make you look like a character in an anime. They give you huge pupils with a gorgeous ring of color. They just make you look cute and cuddly (I'm such a girl, right?)! I got so many compliments when I wore these. I really like these and they're really affordable! I believe they're a little over $20 USD.

I don't frequently use lenses and the last time I used them was ages ago so putting them in was the hard part for me. After I got them positioned correctly I couldn't feel them at all and taking them out was really easy. I would totally recommend these to anyone wanting to try out something a little different. And, if you aren't so bold to just wear these out like I do, then they would be great for Halloween.

-Also, the shipping was super fast. I couldn't believe how quickly these got to me.

My eyes before :

My eyes after:

What do you guys think? Would you try these out? Are you an anime lover like me? :]

*Disclaimer- Products were sent to me for consideration. I am not paid to give a certain opinion, all reviews are 100% honest.


  1. argh! I find it really scary-looking...sorry :p

  2. I've worn coloured lenses before but never seen any like this! I think they're really cute. I like the ones Lady Gaga wears in Bad Romance to make her pupils look huge. If they have any of those they would look pretty awesome.

  3. these are so cool! I used to be "wasian" in 8th grade lol. anime is cool, i like to watch azumanga daioh and pokemon :D

  4. Rebecca- Don't be sorry! Everyone has their own preferences :]

    Tilly- Some places carry what is called a circle lens and those are supposed to make your eyes look even bigger than the ones I'm wearing. That might be as close as it gets to the Lady Gaga look though, because her's are computer generated.

    Technopathetic- Haha I've been wasian ever since I was like 8 and my brother showed me Sailor Moon for the first time! Cartoons that made everything look cute? It was like it was made for me :]

  5. LMFAO!! It makes you looks like a little girl! :P hehehe

  6. OMG!! you look great in those eye contacts! those eye contacts are to die for!! i've only ever wore transparent normal eye contacts but would definitely like to try out coloured ones in purple, grey and green. :D i'm a total anime lover!! i'm currently watchin bleach, fairy tail and 07-ghost. i've still got some anime in cds that i'm yet to start watching. i'm also into mangas! :D

  7. Weeaboo's are kind of like ~wasians, but much worse :P

    THESE ARE SO CUTE. Which is weird, because I usually find circle lenses to be really scary and demonic looking. But nope, these are cute! ^__^

  8. Skulda- Haha, that's the point! :D

    xnosugaraddedx- Thanks! One of these days I'm gonna buy some purple and grey ones in a more natural style. Yay for anime! I love Bleach too! My boyfriend and I said we would never watch it and get hooked like everyone else, but his brother showed us one episode and we couldn't help ourselves after that!

    SilhouetteScreams- Hmm I've never heard of that term! And maybe you like these ones because they are actually the normal diameter of your eye (they don't cover any of the white space), it's the placement of the colors that make them seem huge. :]

    Anna- : ]

  9. that's super cool!wow, those lenses look amazing on you!

  10. how long do the lenses last?

  11. Those ones have a 90 day life span once they are opened.