Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quick EOTD and lunch post

Hey everyone! I'm going to try to post more regularly, I've just been really busy and tired lately. I have some more reviews and giveaways coming up. I'll post them once I make forms for them. I wish I could get google docs to work for me! Every time I make a form through google docs something messes up with the embed code. Usually it just won't allow me to copy it and sometimes the code just doesn't work. Arg! That's why I've been using FormSmarts, but they only let you put a certain number of sections in you form. How irritating! Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyways, here's a makeup look I did a few days ago. I used the L'Oreal HIP duo in Forgiving, which is one of my favorite products. I'm only showing you one eye because on the other one the colors were reversed. I liked this side best :]

Mmm I haven't posted food for a while. I don't really have a name for this dish so I'll just describe it to you. It's potatoes (obviously) covered in most of the seasonings in our pantry. There's curry powder, cumin, garlic, extra spicy Mrs. Dash, lemon pepper, turmeric, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting about. Pretty much I just wash the potatoes, but them into like pieces and throw them into a pan with a little oil and cover it. They're sort of steamed and fried. It might be weird (is it? I dunno), but my boyfriend and I find it delicious. Actually my parents like when I make this too.

How was everyone else's week?


  1. Mm those potatoes look good! I do something similar but I put mine in the oven. I love the colour of your eyes!

  2. Those potatoes look so good.

  3. Rebecca- Mmm when I bake them in the oven I cover them in olive oil and whole cloves of garlic. When it's done cooking I drizzle them with lemon juice. I love it, but it takes longer! And thank you :]

    PerryPie- They are yummy and they don't take very long at all. Unless you keep removing the lid to check on them...which i never ever do *cough* :]

  4. Om nom nom those potatoes look and sound delicious! And I love that pop of blue in your eye look :)

  5. I make my potatoes the exact same NO, it's not weird, just YUMMY!!!!