Friday, April 16, 2010

China Glaze- Side Saddle

When I first read a description of this polish I knew I just had to have it. It's has a deep purple base and is loaded with golden/bronze shimmer. It's such a gorgeous the bottle. Unfortunately on the nails (mine at least) it was practically impossible to see the purple base, it just looks like a bronzy slightly burgundy/brown shimmer polish :[ Hmm...I wonder if it was because of the dreary lighting...I'll be sure to wear this on a sunny day next time!

It's still pretty, just not what I had hoped for. It is definitely one unique color though! I think the Rodeo Diva collection is one of my favorites, I love shimmers!

Here is what I had for lunch a few days ago. Romaine salad with fake "chik'n" and a homemade honey/orange/dijon vinaigrette. It was pretty good, but the vinaigrette is much better with fresh lemons. The fake "chik'n" cutlets I've been using are the best I've found! They're called Quorn Naked Chik'n Cutlets. If you've been curious about fake meats, this is the one to try! Most fake chicken products easily get the flavor, but seriously lack the texture. This one's texture is spot on! Mmmm :]

My little darlings has been such a sweetheart lately! Look at her cute little facey! She always tilts her head when she's comprehending something :]


  1. Love that polish! And it's always a good day to hug a Pug! Miss Daisy Mae is to cute! Lilly and Daphne say arawwwll!

  2. Side Saddle must be from the Rodeo Diva collection,and it sure is a pretty color. I've tagged you SeeingSunshine for the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award

  3. I love this polish. I need to get it! Happy late birthday, how fun ours are on the same day! =)