Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nakie Nails!

...sort of :]

Here are my nails with only topcoat on them. I haven't had proper polish on them in a few days because I've been covered in art supplies. Paint, casting material, charcoal, conte...not so great for keeping a nice mani!

Besides that I've gotten a few things for my upcoming giveaway. I've decided that it will start (instead of end) on my birthday :] I've been picking out stuff that I know I like and hopefully others like too since I couldn't come up with a theme! Anyways, here's what I've gotten so far:
- Opi tiny takeouts set
- W&W Blue Moon (honestly one of my favorite polishes ever)
- W&W Night Prowl
- W&W Eggplant Frost
- an EOS lip balm (the spherical type-they are so cool!)
- Sally Hanson Salon in Ru-by or Not to Be
- Sally Hanson Fire Opal in Royal Opal

I will be adding much more to this as I find things that I like :] I also ordered a few things on ebay so hopefully they'll get here soon!

Also, I finally found a lip gloss I like! Ahh I'm so happy! It's Massini Raspberry. It looks uber dark in the tube but when I put it on (just a teeny weeny bit though) it is the perfect "just bitten" shade! I'm gonna go back to the store tomorrow to see if I can find another to put into the giveaway.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


  1. Oh man, your nails are absolutely beautiful. Mine don't look like that anymore.

  2. Wow! Your whites are so white! Very lucky!
    Woo Hoo! Good luck on your giveaway!

  3. Hi, I nominated you for a sunshine award here: