Sunday, April 11, 2010

Claire's mood polish- Peaceful/Confident

Ahh! I know I'm horrid and haven't posted in a week! :[ I've been totally caught up in school and work.

We were having mostly overcast days anyway, no good for polish pictures. I managed to get these ones out though.

It's Claire's mood polish in Peaceful/confident. It's three coats with top coat. Now first off, when I was applying this polish I was absolutely horrified. It would not apply smoothly, a streaky mess indeed! Then magically with only one thin coat of topcoat it evened out perfectly! It's a really gorgeous color and the pictures don't do it justice. I'll wear it again when it's sunny and I have time to do a hot/cold comparison.

Also, I've gotten more items for my upcoming giveaway! It now includes (along with the things mentioned in my last post):
- a cute bag from forever 21
- two massini lip glosses (yay I found more!)
- Studio M nail lacquer in ballroom blue (I bought one of these for myself as well, haven't tried it yet though)
- Sinful Colors Courtney Orange
-Wet 'n' Wild Hallucinate
- Essie Chinchilly (Meijer sells Essie and Opi now!)
- Sally Hansen Salon Pick A Sheer

I thought I bought an extra Essie Mink Muffs to put in here, but I seem to have misplaced it... it's gotta be here somewhere... pics of everything coming soon.

I'll probably add a few more things, but the box is getting pretty full!

This is what I've been eating the past few days... rice with petite peas and sugarsnap peas in my bento box. It's a pretty plain dish, but it's easy to make in a pinch.

And just cause she's precious...Daisy Mae :]


  1. I love the mood polish! And I want to kiss those sweet puggy cheeks! Miss Lilly and Miss Daphne say woo woo!

  2. I'm not sure which is cuter- your polish or the pug. Nah- Pug wins hands down! Your Daisy Mae looks so much like my miss Daphne! So cute!


  3. i looove mood polish :) but not avaible in france :( nice color !!

  4. Hahaha, yaaaaay, another Midwest girl!! I hate talking about Meijer, knowing that 90% of people probably have no idea what I'm talking about or no access to the store.

    If only they would start selling China Glaze, I would be happy! Also, keep your eyes open! Mine recently started carrying a base collection of about 30 Essie polishes, as well as the base Borghese line. :)

  5. Sylvia & April- Pugs are just the best creatures in the world, huh? :]

    Lily- Hmm, they don't have Claire's in france? or just the mood polishes?

    Erin- I love meijer! I always find the best deals there! The one in Rossford has been having things dirt cheap on clearance. I got Art Club striping polishes for like thirty cents! I wish they would start selling china glaze too! And color club!

    I've seen the Borghese line, but I'll keep a look out for a greater variety of essie polishes!

  6. wow..from the time i've seen this mood polish Im lemming for it.. so sad for theyre not available here in abu dhabi..=( the color is gorgeous!! ohh i love ur daisy mae... shes so cute!!

  7. thats a gorgeous color.....and the pug....awww so cute!

    I tagged you for the sunshine award check it out here:

  8. we have claire's but no mood :(